Самые смешные фотки животных по версии Comedy Wildlife Photography

С ними не соскучишься.

Премия Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards показала фотографии финалистов 2020 года, передает Хроника.инфо со ссылкой на Апостроф.

Больше 40 снимков животных из разных уголков мира раскрывают дикую природу с комедийной стороны, и мы выбрали самые забавные из них. Львы-сплетники, суровая черепаха и стеснительный медведь — лучший способ поднять себе настроение.

Суровая черепаха выражает наше общее отношение к 2020 году.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020
Kay Kotzian
United States
Title: I think this tire’s gonna be flat
Description: Grizzly tire service. Questionable ethics.
Animal: Grizzly Bears
Location of shot: Grand Teton National Park

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020
Sally Lloyd-Jones
United Kingdom
Title: It’s A Mocking Bird!
Description: I was hoping a Kingfisher would land on the «No Fishing» sign but I was over the moon when it landed for several seconds with a fish. It then flew off with it’s catch. It appeared to be mocking the person who erected the sign!
Animal: A Kingfisher
Location of shot: Near Kirkcudbright

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020
Christina Holfelder
Title: I could puke
Description: This picture was taken on the Falkland Islands at sunrise. A group of penguines went to the shore to go fishing when one stopped and vomitted.
Animal: Gentoo penguine
Location of shot: Falkland Islands

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020
Petr Sochman
Title: Social distance, please!
Description: This photo from January 2020 is the beginning of a scene which lasted approximately one minute and in which each of the birds used a foot to clean the partner’s beak. While the whole scene was very informative, this first photo with the male already holding his foot high in the air was just asking to be taken out of the context… Processing: cropping, global adjustments (noise reduction, exposure, saturation, contrast, sharpening), local adjustments (vignette)
Animal: Rose-ringed parakeet
Location of shot: Kaudulla national park, Sri Lanka

Источник: hronika.info